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PRODUCT: Methanesulfonic acid
Synonyms: MSA£¨Methanesulfonicacidaqsoln£¨Methanesulphonic acid£¨Methylsulfonic Acid£¨Mesic acid
Formula£ļCH4O3S Molecular Weight£ļ96.10
Cas NO. £ļ75-75-2
Properties: Colorless transparent liquid, flash point 189°ś, boiling point 167-167.5°ś/10mmHg, solidifying point 20°ś, specific gravity 1.4812, soluble in water, slightly soluble in benzene, insoluble in hydrocarbon.
Specification requirements:
Guide name Guide
Methyl sulfonic acid % °›99.8%
Chroma (APHA) °‹50
Chloride ion (ppm) °‹20
Ferric ion (ppm) °‹5
Sulfate (ppm) °‹50
Pb (ppm) °‹5
Zn °‹1PPm
Ni °‹1PPm
Cu °‹ 1PPm  
It can be used as catalyst for polymerization and other reactions of alkyl.

250kg steel drum with plastic drum inside or 30kg plastic drum
Net Weight:
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