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PRODUCT: PEO (Polyethylene oxide)
Synonyms: Polyethyleneoxidemonomethacryloxymonotrimethylsiloxyterminated;
FormulaC2H4O   Weight:5.5 million
Cas NO. 25322-68-3
Shape: Poly ethylene oxide(PEO) is white powder

Density:Apparent density 0.15-0.35kg/1,
           True density 1.15-1.25kg/1

Specification requirements:  
CHEMICAL NAME Poly ethylene oxide(PEO)
APPEARANCE White powder
PROPERTY Straight chain/non-ionic type
DENSITY Apparent density 0.15-0.35kg/1
True density 1.15-1.25kg/1
Poly Ethylene Oxide (PEO) is a non-ionic、high molecular weight polymer with good water solubility and heat formative. PEO is characterized with flocculent、thickening、sustained release、lubrication、dispersing、fiber and water retention, it can be applied to industries like medicine、fertilizer、pulps、ceramics、detergent、cosmetics、heat treatment、water treatment、fire fighting and oil exploration etc. It is non-toxic、non-irritant, and it will not generate residue、sediment and vaporous elements. Its application fields are widely expanded with the development of the new products and its excellent characteristics are gaining more attention from the numerous R&D organizations.

PEO is characterized by high viscosity,good water solubricity.Excellent dispersing effect can be achieved by only a small amount of PEO.Besides,it will not influence the functions of the other additives,therefore,high quality paper can be produced from ordinary raw material with this dispersing agent.The paper produced is thin and even with the same strength.PEO is a good additive,because it reduces the pulp wet weight)and increases speed and profits.
2,Applying steps:
(A)Dissolving method:
Put about 1/3 water(with the proportion of 250 g/1,000L)in the dissolving tank,and add the remaining water gradually during the stirring process.As shown in the figure 1,add slowly small quantity of PEO with the proportion of 250 g/1,000L,without curdling,and keep stirring for about 1.5 hours to let it disperse in the water.Stop stirring and keep the solution still for 30 minutes before use.
Net Weight:
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